$5354.00 for Helena Rotary’s Expand STEM Education District Grant for Exploration Works  (STEM= Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
Helena, MT December 20, 2016 Rotary Club of Helena  has a new grant .
The total of our Rotary grant with matching funds from the District is $5,354.
"Expand STEM Education Opportunities for Young People and Adults"
Rotary Club of Helena has purchased:
  • A Laptop computer to be used in adult programming
  • 3D Printer and filament in many colors to be used in the printer.
  • 5 WeDo Robotics kits and various WeDo parts and add-ons for robot construction and operation.
  • 3EV3 Lego Robotics kits for more advanced robotics classes.
  • Raspberry Pi kits and various other electronic stuff for robotics classes.
All of the robotics materials will allow expanded classes and numbers of kids served. Presentation of purchased items will take place at 4:00 PM at Exploration Works.